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After Wimbledon Sale!

After-Wimbledon_99c-saleThe ebook version of After Wimbledon will be 99c everywhere (assuming Kobo play ball) on 23-24 August 2014


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The Dr Pepper Prophecies Audio Book is Out!

TDPP_audio-book__2The Dr Pepper Prophecies is now available to listen to!  The audio version, read by voice artist Elán O’Connor, is on,,, and iTunes.  Have a listen to the sample on the page.

If you go through the relevant Amazon page (or Audible in the US), you can get a 30 day free trial on Audible so you can listen to the book for nothing!  You even get to keep it if you cancel after the trial and pay nothing.  (Don’t forget to put a reminder in your calendar to cancel on time).

UK folk who are sure they want to stick with it can go to Audible direct to get the first three months at a discounted price.  Everyone may also be able to get money back on both membership and individual purchases through cashback sites.

(BTW, if TDPP is the first book you borrow when you join Audible (including the free trial), Elán and I get a bonus payment.  Just FYI.)


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The Dr Pepper Prophecies – Sale & Giveaway!

The-Dr-Pepper-Prophecies_99To celebrate finishing work on the audio book (available soon!), the kindle version of The Dr Pepper Prophecies will be 99c on and 99p on on 8-9 August 2014.


Anyone who helps spread the word about the sale by tweeting, re-tweeting, sharing, pinning or blogging is eligible to win a special prize!

Three lucky winners will each get a free copy of whichever of my books they would like (including the box set Have Chick Lit, Will Travel).

Tweets and re-tweets I can track, but please leave comments with links to blog and other posts, so I can be sure to count your entry.

Easy tweet:

Only 99c today – 5* chick lit – THE DR PEPPER PROPHECIES – #mustread #greatbookdeal RT TO WIN! @GilbyRoberts

Just a reminder that The Dr Pepper Prophecies can be downloaded FREE by Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited members.


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Suggested Author: Becky Monson

I came across Becky Monson on Twitter, when she quoted one of her book’s reviews that started ‘Dear fans of Bridget Jones, Sophie Kinsella, and Marian Keyes.’  I mention the exact same authors in my book description, so I’m thinking you’ll probably like her book if you like mine.  It has a lot of very good reviews on  See what you think.

32 Going on Spinster by Becky Monson


Julia Dorning is in a rut. She has lived in her parent’s basement for ten years, been at the same mundane boring job for ten years and she has no self confidence.

When handsome hunky Jared Moody is hired in HR at her company, her life begins to change in ways she never saw coming. Is Jared the catapult to get her moving again?

Book landing page

Buy on,

Find her on Goodreads, LibraryThingFacebook, Twitter

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My Favourite Quotes From ‘The Dr Pepper Prophecies’

Just a few of the bits I like the best.


So much for not fantasising.  I’ve got a particularly vivid image in my head involving his naked body, a tube of super-glue and a flesh-eating squirrel.


It’s hard to love a man who eats the last piece of lasagne.


A thought occurs to me. ‘I don’t suppose your mother went in for safe sex lectures, did she?’ I ask.

I remember my mother trying to explain it to me.  The memory continues to surface no matter how hard I try to suppress it.  She began by explaining that babies start as seeds and every woman had a special place inside her to plant them in – sort of like a grow bag.  It went down hill from there.


One time when I was at university, I agreed to go on a blind double date.  It was with my housemate’s boyfriend’s cousin’s friend’s brother, who had – and I quote – “a really nice personality”.  You’d assume that meant he was ugly.  You’d be right.  He also collected tarantulas and belonged to Bug Lovers Anonymous.

Never again.


I’m dreaming.  Or, at least, I’m fairly sure I am.  The dancing gnomes I saw not long ago seem to suggest it.


See readers’ favourite quotes on Shared Notes & Highlights on

Do you have a favourite quote from The Dr Pepper Prophecies?

The Dr Pepper Prophecies is available on and other Amazon sites.

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How ‘The Dr Pepper Prophecies’ Came to Be

I wrote The Dr Pepper Prophecies at the tender age of 20.  Scary, huh?  At the time I was on my gap year, having finished A-levels.  Strictly speaking it was my second gap year, as I’d gone to Quebec as an exchange student after my GCSEs.  I was in France taking lessons in French (oddly enough).  I’d signed up for mornings only, thinking that full days would be a bit much, so I had plenty of free time and needed something to do with it.

This was spring, but in the summer I was doing a week-long summer school in creative writing at Oxford University Summer School for Adults.  This is a lot less prestigious than it sounds, as all you have to do to get in is pay (it’s not cheap, but I wholeheartedly recommend it).  So, I decided I was going to spend my afternoons writing a novel.

I’d written plenty of stories over the years.  Much of that was fanfiction, in genres such as Lord of the Rings and the sci-fi show Farscape.  My experience of writing original fiction was limited.  As I recall, I first wrote a YA novel (which I will have to read back at some point, although I don’t think it was very good).

Then I picked up a copy of Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret?, which remains my favourite of her novels, and laughed my arse off.  I’d never liked books written in the first person before, and hadn’t written anything in that style, but I decided then and there to write a book like hers.

Before going to France, I was a temp in an insurance claims office, which was going downhill rapidly while I was there (nothing to do with me, I assure you).  I have to admit I was thinking of it when I wrote Mel’s workplace, although none of the people I worked with appear in the book (I promise).  The rest of the book is imagination.  I don’t have a lifelong best friend like Will, although when I read the book again before publication, I was struck by the number of similarities between him and my husband – who I hadn’t yet met when I wrote it.

The book is based loosely on Emma by Jane Austen.  There’s one really good reason for that: it was on the reading list for the creative writing class I was taking!  I hadn’t read it before, although I had read Pride and Prejudice, which I refer to several times in the book.  Like everyone in my generation (and a few others I think), I loved the BBC adaptation with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.  One day maybe I’ll write my own version of that.

I wrote about two-thirds of the book in France, in about four weeks, and the rest scene-by-scene over a few months when I got back (I was working, so had less time).  I was tremendously proud to have completed a novel.  I still am.  I think it was my greatest achievement so far, although it’s been superseded since then.

Over the years, I spent a lot of time editing it.  I always planned to send it out to agents, but I was never happy with it.  Perhaps if I had it would have been published years ago.  Or perhaps I would just have a nice stack of rejection letters.  I suspect I’m better off publishing now.  Putting your work out there for people to read and criticise is not easy and I think I would have had a harder time coping with it at 20 than I do now at 30.

Anyway, it’s now out in the world for you to read.  I hope you like it.

The Dr Pepper Prophecies is available on and other Amazon sites.

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‘The Dr Pepper Prophecies’ was Chosen for Indie Tuesdays on Chick Lit Reviews & News

You can read the full review here.

I encourage you to follow them, for all the latest news in the chick lit world.

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Lovely Review of ‘The Dr Pepper Prophecies’ on

Read it at

Then sign up to follow them, because they’re great. (No bias or anything). 🙂

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Very Successful Giveaway for ‘The Dr Pepper Prophecies’

Over 18,000 copies were downloaded.  It hit #1 in three categories and topped at #13 in the whole free store in the US.  Brilliant.  Thanks to everyone who helped spread the world.

UK figures were a bit disappointing.  It got to #233 in the free store, but figures were a lot lower.  Not sure where I advertised it last time, but it did better then, when it had no reviews!  If I do it again, I’ll have to find some more places to tell.

Hopefully it’s going to go back into the paid list nice and high and there’ll be more sales and lots more reviews in the next few weeks.

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Last Day of ‘The Dr Pepper Prophecies’ Free Giveaway!

Grab your copy now!


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