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Early Daze Will be Free 29-31 May 14

Early Daze is going free again on, and all other Amazon sites, so grab your copy now if you missed out last time.

It still needs some more reviews to get it established, so I’d be very grateful to anyone who can write a couple of lines on Amazon when they’ve finished.


Early Daze is FREE Today and Tomorrow! (30 & 31 March 14), and all other Amazon sites.

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50 Places to Find Free Kindle Books

A while back I posted a link to an article on 25 places to get free Kindle books.  I think I can do better than that.  No doubt lots of people will have got a Kindle for Christmas and be going mad filling it up.  So here’s where to pack it for free:

Direct Access

1. Amazon
Either look at the Top 100 Free Lists (UK link) for your category, or search for a keyword/phrase and then order results by Price: Low to High.  If you are a Prime member, you can also borrow many titles.

2. Smashwords

3. Goodreads
Goodreads giveaways are limited to print books, but free Kindle books can be had by joining one of the read for review groups such as: Making Connections, Modern Good Reads.  Authors will also advertise their free books in genre-specific groups, so join a few for the ones you’re interested in.

4. LibraryThing
Unlike Goodreads, LibraryThing giveaways do include Kindle books.

5. Project Gutenberg

6. Book

7. WattPad

8. Open Library

9. Digi Libraries

10. Your Local Library
Many libraries now have an ebook collection.  Ask at your local branch.

Free Book Alert Sites
These are the sites who will let you know when new free books are available (usually on Amazon), along with links to purchase them.  They vary in how they choose books to feature, so no one site will pick up everything that’s available.  The advantage of these sites is that you can often choose what genres or keywords you’re interested in and get email alerts when something comes up.

[If you want only sites that offer UK links, see my Where to Find Free Kindle Books UK list.]

11. BookBub

12. Ereader News Today

13. Pixel of Ink

14. Free Booksy

15. Bargain eBook Hunter

16. Snicks List

17. eReader IQ

18. Hundred Zeros


20. One Hundred Free Books

21. Free Books Hub

22. Kindle Buffet

23. World Library

24. Shelf Buzz

25. Free Book Sifter

26. The eReader Cafe

27. iLoveEbooks

28. Daily Cheap Reads

29. eBooks Habit

30. Pixel Scroll

31. Free

32. Ereader Utopia

33. Indie Book of the Day

34. Free Book Dude

35. Digital Book Today

36. The Kindle Book Review

37. Book Goodies

38. Kindle Book Promos

39. It’s Write Now

40. eReader Girl

41. Great Books, Great Deals

42. Free & Discounted Books

43. Free eBooks Daily

44. Kindle Books & Tips

45. Book Deal Hunter

46. Ebook Deal of the Day

47. The Frugal eReader

48. eReader Perks

49. Free Digital Reads

50. eBook Lister

Happy reading!


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