Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Women's Fiction/Chick Lit Author

I Was Tempted by a “Miracle” Diet

on August 3, 2014

9093639a809ca70b25a4e5c72b9eef3bYou’ll remember that I talked about working on having a positive body image.  I’ve even started up a Pinterest board with some inspiration on it.  I had been feeling that I was doing quite well.  While on holiday I was okay about wandering around in a swimsuit.  It was a family resort, so there were plenty of other wobbly mums around!  We went to the beach in town one day and I walked all the way back in just swimsuit and sandals.  I was tempted to buy a cover up, but instead I held my head high and showed the world my legs.  I haven’t been doing too much mirror time, but I’d managed to halt the negative self talk about the way I looked.

However, I noticed an article on Facebook about a military wife’s huge weight loss and found myself reading about another miracle diet supplement.  It was in a “health” magazine and had been tested by one of their staff, so it seemed trustworthy.  And I was actually tempted to buy some.  Then I googled it and found that it’s now illegal in the UK, due to lack of evidence that it works and lack of information about the potential risks.

I should know better.  First, because losing a lot of weight in short time is not healthy, no matter how you do it.  Second, because weight lost quickly usually goes back on even more quickly.  Third, because the trouble with all these “new” things is that we don’t know what effect they might have in the long term.  There may be a few people who would rather be thin now than healthy later, but I’m not one of them.  And fourth, because I’m supposed to be learning to love my body the way it is.

Apparently, I’m not there yet.

As part of my Pinterest surfing, I found a good article on Why ‘Love Your Body’ Campaigns Aren’t Working that I encourage you to read.  The basic message is that our society not only equates thinness with beauty, but also with success in general and that’s why women find it so hard to make peace with a less-than-model-sized body.  I know I’ve read about studies that showed that people who appear to be healthier are more likely to get jobs or be promoted.  And that’s silly because, as I mentioned before, a person’s physical appearance often doesn’t reflect the quality of their diet or their level of fitness.  But I fear it’s going to take some major change before we all learn to reject that thinking.


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