Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Women's Fiction/Chick Lit Author

Deleted Scenes from Early Daze #2

on June 15, 2014


The second of my deleted scenes from Early Daze.  When I wrote the previous deleted scenes, I felt I needed something that would give Jess a boost to make her act on her feelings for Ben and I came up with this.  I deleted it partly because it wasn’t needed after deleting the other scenes and partly because I felt Jess would actually react more negatively than she did here.  But I include this for your interest.

Think I should have kept it in?  Leave a comment and let me know.


Predictably, when I start needing the loo we’re miles from any shops so I have to use the public toilet.  One of those ghastly boxes with the sliding doors.

I’m mid wee when said sliding doors gently opens, leaving me in full view of a group of young lads.  Luckily, Gwen and Cassandra spot what’s happened and hastily move in front to block their view and manage to get the door closed again.  I quickly finish and get myself together.

The lads have not left when I get outside.  My face is absolutely scarlet and I want to die.

‘Keep calm and eat popcorn,’ Gwen says, thrusting the bucket at me.

‘They are never going to forget that.  Ever,’ I moan.

‘And you’ll probably never see them again.’

‘That’s not the point.’

‘Then what is?’

‘I just… I’m not comfortable, Gwen.  Some things are just private.  I don’t want people seeing… that.  I really don’t think that’s unreasonable.’

She casts a look at the group of lads, who still have their eyes firmly on us.  ‘If you want, I could do something that I guarantee will make them forget all about it.’

My brow furrows.  ‘Like what?’

‘Just trust me.’


And what Gwen does is to lean forward and kiss me.  And I don’t mean on the cheek.

I hear whoops and wolf-whistles in the background.

‘There,’ she says complacently when she pulls back.  ‘Memory erased.  That will be all they can talk about for days.  You know what men are like.’

To be fair, she’s probably right.

‘Uh… thanks?’

I’m really not sure of the etiquette in this case.

‘Have you ever done that before?’ Gwen asks thoughtfully.

‘What?  No!  Why?’

‘Just wondering.  Doesn’t matter.’

‘Have you?’ I hear myself ask.

She shrugs.  ‘Oh yeah.  I’ve been out with a few women and had one serious girlfriend.  But then I met my husband and I knew he was the one straight away.  Who knows what would have happened if I hadn’t met him?  You know… you’re pretty much my type.’

I stare at her for a few seconds.  ‘I’d really like to stop this conversation.  Right now.’

She sighs.  ‘Okay, fair enough.  Enough boundary-pushing for one day.’

Cassandra, to whom this is clearly not a surprise, wiggles her eyebrows at me.  I blush.

I find myself grinning.  I’m almost buzzing.  Not from the kiss itself.  I wouldn’t say it was unpleasant.  It was gentle, the lack of whisker rash is definitely a plus and Gwen’s lip balm tastes really nice, but it wasn’t exciting.  Which, quite honestly, is something of a relief.

It’s probably ridiculous in this day and age for kissing someone to feel crazy and daring, just because they’re the same sex, but that’s what it’s done.  My whole life I’ve been conventional, bordering on old-fashioned, but I’ve finally done something my mother would be shocked to hear about.  I feel a burst of adrenaline.  I feel like I should run out and dye my hair green or get my nose pierced or something.


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