Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Women's Fiction/Chick Lit Author

After Wimbledon is Now Available for All Ereaders!

on June 2, 2014

Up to now, only Wedding Hells and Flights of Nancy have been available for ereaders other than Kindle.  I’m delighted to announce that After Wimbledon is the first of my longer works to move onto other platforms.  It’s been submitted to:

Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Apple iBooks


Smashwords (all formats)

PageFoundry, Baker & Taylor, Flipkart, Sony, Diesel, txtr

Those I’ve linked to I know have it for sale now.  Some of the retailers take longer than others to get the books up.

Ebook Subscription Services

After Wimbledon should soon be available through Scribd and Oyster.


It’s also been submitted to Overdrive, Library Direct and Baker & Taylor’s Axis360, where libraries get their ebooks.  It’s up to them which books they buy, so if you’d like to borrow After Wimbledon through your library be sure to request it.

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