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Work in Progress – May 2014

on May 15, 2014

I’ve been thinking I need to start doing a regular report on what I’m writing and where it’s at.  If nothing else, it would be really embarrassing to have to post that I’ve made no progress!  So, I’m going to start a monthly update.

Current Project

Stage: Rough draft done, starting on major structural edits

Expected length: 30-40k words (novella)

Expected publication date: By the end of this year.  Hopefully over the summer, life permitting.

What: A spin-off from The Dr Pepper Prophecies, from the point of view of Mel’s sister Brittany.  It starts a few months after TDPP ends, when Brittany has moved down to Cornwall with her husband and son.

In this book, Brittany sets out to expand her life by getting a job.  But an awful lot more changes are in store for her…

Will Mel show up?: Yes.  She will visit and chat online with Brittany, as they work on rebuilding their relationship.  And, Mel being Mel, she’ll even indulge in a little “helping.”

Title ideas so far: Phillip’s Wife, The Pretty One, Brittany Breaks Out, Baked Brittany

I’ve decided to create a newsletter as well as my new releases mailing list.  If you get the newsletter, I’ll send you this progress report each month and details of any giveaways/sales I have planned.  I think of it as a sort of half-way option between the new releases list (where you’ll only get an email when a new work is released) and subscribing to this blog where you get lots of other (hopefully interesting) stuff as well.  It’s open for sign-ups now.


3 responses to “Work in Progress – May 2014

  1. paulinewiles says:

    Great idea! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to share similar info, but whatever spurs you on is worth doing.

    • I keep bouncing back and forth between ‘This is a great idea!’ and ‘This is a terrible idea. Delete. Delete!’ It will either spur me on or make me collapse under pressure. Watch this space…

  2. […] world of Pinterest, with boards for The Dr Pepper Prophecies, After Wimbledon, Early Daze and my work in progress.  I’ve added things like dream casts (where I’ve decided on them), locations […]

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