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Where to Find Free Kindle Books UK

on April 13, 2014

A while back, I did a post on 50 Places to Find Free Kindle Books.  The trouble is, a lot of the sites that alert you to Amazon freebies only provide links to the US Kindle Store, which isn’t much help if you’re from the UK.  So, here is a supplemental list of those sites which provide UK links.

Complete free list

Custom search of the UK free store (great tool if you want to use keywords)

UK Sites

Ereader IQ UK

Indie Book Bargains

Ebook Deal of the Day UK

Hundred Zeros UK

Kind of Book

Free Book Sifter UK

Daily Free Books UK

Multi-Region Sites

eReader Utopia

Flurries of Words

Great Book Great Deals (most books have UK links)

Free Ebooks Daily

Kindle Books & Tips (links divert to your local site)

Free Digital Reads

eBook Soda


Have I missed one?  Please leave a comment and let me know.

3 responses to “Where to Find Free Kindle Books UK

  1. […] you want only sites that offer UK links, see my Where to Find Free Kindle Books UK […]

  2. Arcadian says:

    I post Kindle ebook deals with UK links at

  3. Tim says:

    Have you tried OBOOKO? Lots of Kindle books absolutely free of charge. The site has been operating from the UK since 2009.

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