Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Women's Fiction/Chick Lit Author

Which Wedding Dress Would Each Character Have?

on March 18, 2014

Following on from the post on which engagement ring my characters would have, I thought I’d have some fun and do one for their wedding dresses as well.  This was in no way just an excuse to look at wedding dresses.  I really didn’t look at enough when I had the chance.  The run up to my wedding was so busy I think I only tried on one!

Mel (The Dr Pepper Prophecies)

Mel wedding dressAfter what happened at Brittany’s wedding (Wedding Hells), there was no way Mel was going strapless.  She was also convinced she’d fall over anything too long.  She nearly went for something brown in case she had a run in with the chocolate fountain, but Beth managed to talk her out of it.  After extensive searching, she came up with this, which also worked well with her lack of height.

Lucy (After Wimbledon)

Lack of height isn’t a problem for Lucy, but she needs to be able to move.  She’d never fit in on My Big Fat Lucy Wedding DressGypsy Wedding in this elegant draped gown, which shows off her beautiful figure.

Jess (Early Daze)

Jess' wedding dressJess isn’t one to stand out and set a trend.  For her, it had to be traditional, complete with veil.

The long veil and train, when combined with candles, proved to be a mistake.


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