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Have You Joined Goodreads?

on February 19, 2014

Goodreads is a combination of an online book club and a virtual bookshelf where you can keep track of and discuss what you’ve read and what you want to read.  Also, they do giveaways (including pre-release books by major publishers).  I’ll give you a heads up that I have a giveaway booked for paperback copies of After Wimbledon, which will probably be in April, and you’ll need to be a member to enter that.  So get a head start on the competition and join now!

Need convincing?  I could write a post about the full benefits of Goodreads, but a) I know I don’t use it to its full potential and b) Story Wrought has already done it.  So go read that.

5 responses to “Have You Joined Goodreads?

  1. hotcha1 says:


  2. Edna Moore-Burke says:

    Yes, I have.

  3. I love Goodreads. Have lots and I do mean lots of book there that I want to read and will read if I live long enough. 🙂

  4. I never knew it existed until I was reading about publishing! I’m still a beginner on the site, but it’s a wonderful place. I’m just sorry they don’t allow ebook giveaways.

  5. Mark Gardner says:

    Another vote for Goodreads. I also was unaware until a certain chick lit author let me know about GR.

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