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What Engagement Ring Would Each Chick Lit Character Have?

on February 4, 2014

Melissa Schreiber has posted an article over on Buzzfeed titled Your 15 Favorite Chick Lit Characters Paired With Their Ideal Engagement Rings.  Most of Sophie Kinsella’s characters made it into the list and there are some very interesting choices, plus shiny things to look at.  Even though my engagement and wedding rings are the only ones I wear, even I turn magpie in the face of a nice ring display.  So I thought I would add the rings I think my characters would have:

Mel's engagement ringMel (The Dr Pepper Prophecies)

Diamonds might be forever, but they’re not for Mel – at least not on their own.  Will took a chance on this sapphire and diamond emerald cut ring and Mel thought he got it spot on.

Lucy (After Wimbledon)Lucy's Engagement Ring

Adrienne emailed a picture of this ring to the newly engaged Lucy as a joke (hey, it’s in Wimbledon colours!), but Lucy loved it.  Sam had it custom made for her.  It’s a good thing he won a lot of Grand Slams, because you don’t even want to know how much it cost.

Jess' engagement ring

Jess (Early Daze)

For Jess it had to be the classic diamond solitaire in yellow gold.  Ryan sensibly canvassed her friends before buying.  Just as well, or she would have made him take it back!

Like Mel, I have a sapphire and diamond ring (my choice).  What would be your ideal engagement ring?


4 responses to “What Engagement Ring Would Each Chick Lit Character Have?

  1. melunderings says:

    Thanks for sharing my buzzfeed article, Jennifer! I’m excited to read your books 🙂
    That sapphire ring is gorgeous, and Mel sounds interesting… maybe Mels think alike 😉

  2. I thought your article was a great idea. Lots of lovely rings there, although I would have liked a few more non-diamonds in there. I have a sapphire, so I’m biased.

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