Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Women's Fiction/Chick Lit Author

Giveaway Report: March 2014 – After Wimbledon

on February 2, 2014

Another great giveaway over!  Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped spread the word.  After Wimbledon got some really good coverage on free book sites this time, which is great.

Copies downloaded: 9691
Highest rankings:
Top 20 whole free store, #1 sports fiction, #2 sports romance, top 10 romantic comedy and contemporary romance.

Copies downloaded: 664
Highest rankings:
Top 100 whole free store, #1 sports fiction, top #10 romantic comedy, top #20 contemporary romance (no sports romance section).

Anyone who downloaded: I’d be incredibly grateful for reviews (especially if you use a site other than because it’s always harder to get reviews there).  They don’t need to be long or clever, just a couple of sentences.  14 now in the US, which is a good start, but really lacking everywhere else.

Thanks everyone!


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