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Chick Lit Round-up (January 2014): Interesting Articles

on February 1, 2014

Interesting articles I’ve come across this month.

Am I Writing Chick Lit? – Mystic Writes

Ultimate 100 Chick Lit Collection – Chicklit Club

Creating a Chick Lit Character – Sumner Tales

2014 Releases – I Heart Chick Lit

Written Off: Jennifer Weiner’s Quest for Literary Respect – The New Yorker

What is Women’s Lit? – Chick Lit and Cozies

Is Chick Lit Dead? – Girl Tries Life

The Entertaining Truth Behind Chick Lit – Elizabeth St

Get the Chick Out of Our Lit – Cosmopolitan

Chick Lit?  Hate the Term, Love the Genre – The Guardian

I Wrote a Chick Lit Novel and I’m Proud of It – Slate

Will #readwomen2014 Change Our Sexist Reading Habits? – The Guardian

Fancy a Chick Lit? – Deccan Herald

Chick Lit Hurts Women?  Jennifer Weiner Objects (Video) – Huffpost

Chick Lit Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Different (Video) – Huffpost

Men Write Novels, Women Write Chick Lit.  Not! – Read It Forward

Other Stuff

It’s the Chick-Lit Book Title Generator! – Tara Sparling Writes

Join the Chicklit Club’s Reader Panel

Keep Calm and Read Chick Lit – Pinterest Pic

New Site: Chick Lit Uncovered

New Site: The Window Seat

New Site: Tales for Females

Best of 2013

One More Page

Chick Lit Pad

Chick Lit Central

Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews

Chick Lit vs Fantasy

Best Books to Read

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6 responses to “Chick Lit Round-up (January 2014): Interesting Articles

  1. vscot848 says:

    Incredibly honoured to be included in the round up!

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