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Chick Lit Round-up (February 2014): Interesting Articles

Interesting articles this month.

Lucy-Ann Holmes: Why I Love Chick Lit – We Love This Book

Does “Chick Lit” Deserve More Literary Respect? – Stuff Mom Never Told You

What Is Chick Lit? – Love Chick Lit

February Book Releases – I Heart Chick Lit

Jill Mansell on Why She Doesn’t Like Her Chick Lit Label – Western Daily Press

Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon – Chick Lit Reviews & News

Meet the Blogger: Q&A With Leah From Chick Lit Reviews & News – Harper Impulse

Rosie Blake: Chick Lit is Good for Your Health – Jennifer Joyce Writes

ReadWomen2014: What Is Women’s Fiction Anyway? – Huffington Post

In Defence of Chick Lit – The Age

Chick Lit – A Force of Nature! – Best Chick Lit

Blogs Looking for Contributors

Chick Lit Plus is looking for reviewers and writers

Everything Books & Authors is looking for reviewers

Chick Lit Reviews & News is looking for reviewers

For Writers

Chick Lit & Wine are offering to review chapters of NaNoWriMo chick lit books

Houston Writers’ Guild Manuscript Competition (Unpublished writers, inc. chick lit)

Other Stuff

Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You? – Buzz Feed

For the Love of Books is setting up a book club

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Do You Use Wattpad?

Wattpad is a place where writers can post their work for free and readers can read it – also for free.  It’s basically for original fiction.  And like, there’s dross.  But there is also free content from top authors – including works in progress offered for comment.  So it’s worth checking out.

And, of course, if you fancy writing something but don’t feel ready to get into self-publishing, you can always post your own work up there.  You might even find yourself with a fan base.

Wattpad have their own Wattpad for Dummies (I hate that series name – not knowing how to do something does not make you a dummy) starter guide, although you may have to sign up to read it.


After Wimbledon Will Be Free on Amazon 24-26 February 2014

If you missed the giveaway at the start of the month and didn’t win the Valentine’s giveaway, get it on sites

About After Wimbledon



I did an interview – yet to be posted – where I was asked how being published changed things for me as a writer.  I answered that it increases the pressure on you.

First, people who like your work want you to write more.  And quickly, because they can read a novel much, much quicker than you can write and edit it.  If you don’t have unlimited time (who does?), this piles the pressure on.  How do you fit in writing time for the next book when marketing the current ones takes up so much time? (And you have no idea how much is involved if you haven’t self-published yourself.  Seriously, it’s a full time job by itself.)  When I wrote The Dr Pepper Prophecies and After Wimbledon, I basically had nothing else to do.  For TDPP I was studying in France: taking classes in the morning and writing in the afternoons and evenings.  For AW, I was travelling around Australia and spent a lot of time writing in my bunk.  Now I have a home, a husband and a child to look after.  Oh, and did I mention we’re buying a house and preparing ours for sale?  I want to write more.  I have plenty of ideas, just not the time or energy to get them down on paper.

Second comes the not-good-enough-itus.  The thing is, people actually pay to read my work.  And it’s read by people who don’t know me, will probably never know me, and have no incentive to sugar-coat their opinions.  It’s no fun being told that your work is crap.  Or having it returned.  Publishing anything is scary.

Now, you’re probably thinking that having two, generally well-received, novels completed would take away that fear.  Not a bit of it.  People keep saying scary things like ‘you’re only as good as your next book’.  And bear in mind, I wrote TDPP and AW a long time ago.  The first draft of TDPP is over a decade old.  AW’s is five now.  When I published TDPP – largely on a whim – I hadn’t written any fiction in years.  What if I’ve lost my writing ability?  What if I’ve changed too much in the interim to be able to repeat my success?

My current project is also a bit of a deviation from my novels.  As I wrote before, I’m using my experience as the mother of a premature baby in a story.  It’s something I felt I needed to write, but it’s not classic chick lit fare.  In fact, I’m classing it as women’s fiction.  It’s not a comedy, although I’ve tried to keep it light.  Will anybody actually want to read it?  Or will everyone decide that my new work just doesn’t live up to their expectations and ignore me from here on out?

Apparently, Stephen King threw the first part of Carrie in the bin and it was only rescued by his wife.  They say writers just can’t judge their own work.  The trouble is, nothing you write will appeal to everyone, so even a few outside opinions aren’t enough to bank on.  What I really need to do is get everyone in the world to read my new work and see what the majority think.  But then there would be no one left to buy it.  Hmmm, tricky…


Have You Joined Goodreads?

Goodreads is a combination of an online book club and a virtual bookshelf where you can keep track of and discuss what you’ve read and what you want to read.  Also, they do giveaways (including pre-release books by major publishers).  I’ll give you a heads up that I have a giveaway booked for paperback copies of After Wimbledon, which will probably be in April, and you’ll need to be a member to enter that.  So get a head start on the competition and join now!

Need convincing?  I could write a post about the full benefits of Goodreads, but a) I know I don’t use it to its full potential and b) Story Wrought has already done it.  So go read that.


Indulge and Escape with Katie Oliver’s #ChocolateAndChick Lit Giveaway

Mel would definitely enter this giveaway, except for the fact that it’s only open to US residents. Boo!


Please Vote on the Title for My New Novella

I’m busy editing my next book, which I talked about before.  It’ll be a little while before it comes out, but I want to get some input on the title so I can get started with the cover designer!

I’ve come up with a ton of titles for this one, a lot of which I’ve rejected for being too long, or because there are other books with the same name.  Here’s what I have left on my list.  Please leave a vote for your favourite.  If you have a good idea, by all means add it, either directly to the poll or in the comments.

Draft blurb:

Life has always gone smoothly for Jess, but then she got pregnant and it wasn’t just her breakfast that started going down the pan.  And now her baby has “fallen out” before she’s even started anti-natal classes.

As if sleep-deprivation wasn’t torture enough, Jess has a baby in hospital, new friends who seem determined to “broaden her horizons” and a fiancé she’d rather kick than kiss.  Will her most intimate relationship be with her breast pump?  Or with Neonatal’s resident single dad?

To get emailed when I release this work, sign up for my mailing list.


Heads Up On Price Change for After Wimbledon

After Wimbledon has been out nearly three months now and has gained a good few reviews, so as of 1 March I’m putting it up to full price at $2.99/£1.99.

Now, I’m putting on Amazon to grab it now, but since you follow me I’m going to let you know that I have another free giveaway on Amazon scheduled for 24-26 February 2014.  So get it then instead.  😉

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Valentine’s eBook Super-Sale – Today Only

Lots of great chick lit books are free or on sale today!

Valentine’s eBook super-sale!.

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How to Help your Favorite Author

Love a new author. Want to help them get established? Here’s how.

Mary Fonvielle

A good friend of mine recently self published his first novel. With a good year and a bit separating our publications I’ve been able to step back and observe the similarities that arise from us indie authors who are just starting out. One thing I notice across the board is that at first we depend and thrive on the initial support we receive from friends and family. I am still blown away by the support I get from my friends, and I’m sure there are a lot of other indies who feel the same, no matter their medium. If you happen to be one of those people who has shown support for a budding indie artist, go ahead and get yourself a cookie or something because you deserve it. I’ll wait.

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