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What I’m Working On Now

on January 11, 2014

At the beginning of December, I decided to try and write 1,000 words every day for a month.  I managed it up until Christmas and then things went downhill, but nevertheless my current draft has reached 36,000 words!  I think this work will be a novella rather than a novel, probably around half the length of The Dr Pepper Prophecies and After Wimbledon.  So hopefully I will finish the first draft this month, although a lot of time will be taken up getting our house ready to sell.

So what have I been writing about?  Well, it’s a somewhat more serious piece – I may have to class it as women’s fiction rather than chick lit – and based partly on my own experience.  In January 2012 I became a mother for the first time, to a baby girl who wasn’t due until April.  Cue three months in hospital for her and a whole new world for me.  When I was thinking about what to write next, it kept coming to me that I should write about that.

It may not be my most popular work – although I’ll still endeavour to leave you feeling good – but I want to get it out there.  I’m tempted to liken it to Marian Keyes’ Rachel’s Holiday, in which she used her own experience as an alcoholic to help “normal” people understand what it’s like to be an addict.  I’m reading it at the moment and it’s certainly an education, as well as very enjoyable.  I’d like this work to give people an insight into what it’s like to have a premature baby.  Because – without wishing to scare anyone – it might just happen to someone you know.

Ffion and Tristan Christmas 2013

In case it does: my daughter is now two and, despite being born three months early, there is nothing wrong with her at all (that’s chocolate round her mouth).  And she is by no means exceptional in this.

Here she is at Christmas with her little cousin T, who she was not at all sure about sitting next to.  Very difficult to take a photo of them together, because she kept moving away and when she did he fell over!

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