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5 Things I Don’t Understand About My Toddler

on December 15, 2013

107Apparently, when Thomas Edison was asked if it was true that he’d failed 10,000 times when trying to create the light bulb, he replied that he’d never failed at all but merely found 10,000 things that didn’t work.  In my experience, motherhood is a lot like this.  You know the outcome you want, you try everything you can think of and, if you’re lucky, after the 10,000th attempt you might actually get it.

Here are just a few of the many things that I do not understand about my toddler:

1. She throws lovingly-prepared food on the floor, then picks up dirt and eats it.

2. She knows the meaning of the word ‘No’ well enough to use it herself, but not to obey it.

3. She heads straight towards anything dangerous, even when entering an unfamiliar room.

4. She will happily spread her face with anything except water.  Ditto her head.

5. She can say ‘Mum’ but not ‘Dad’, despite clearly being a Daddy’s girl.

Yes, that’s us in the photo.  She’s gained a little more hair since that photo was taken, but it’s blond so you can hardly tell.  Isn’t she pretty?  And doesn’t she know it…


5 responses to “5 Things I Don’t Understand About My Toddler

  1. Tell me about it. The funny thing about #3: When we had our first, we had outlet covers; foam things on sharp corners and all the other safety things for toddlers. Five years later we had the sequel child. We didn’t do most of the things we did for child number one. I came into the living room so see her standing on the back of the couch. I promptly declared, “If you fall and hurt yourself, I’m gonna ground you.” it’s amazing how your parenting changes after each subsuquent child.

  2. I tend towards the ‘eliminate the major dangers and then if you get hurt it’s your own fault’ school of parenting and that’s with the first one. My husband, however, would like to eliminate all possible dangers. But with a toddler it just isn’t possible, short of living in a padded cell. If danger isn’t readily available, they’ll create it!

  3. about #3…our two seem to have a magnetic attraction to sharp edges. New hotel room? Straight for the tile corners of the shower, then right to the nightstand.

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