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5 Reasons Why You Should Give a Kindle This Christmas

on December 4, 2013

Now, I admit I am a writer who publishes mainly on Kindle, so I am the tiniest bit biased.  But I still think that a Kindle is a wonderful present to give or receive.  Here are some of the many reasons why:

Save Money
Kindle books are almost always cheaper than paperbacks anyway, because there are no printing costs, and you don’t have to pay for delivery.  For the same reason,  it’s also very common for authors to have sales on Kindle books, which brings the price down even further.

In fact, authors sometimes offer their Kindle versions for free for a limited time, so you can pick up a ton of free books.  You could actually fill your Kindle for nothing if you wanted, from the Amazon free lists (UK list).

If you are a member of Amazon Prime (UK page), you can also ‘borrow’ some Kindle books for free anytime.

Save Space
You can literally carry your entire library in your handbag.  Even the basic Kindle can hold an estimated 1000 books.  You can even get rid of your hard copies and make all your bookshelves virtual ones.

Amazon recently introduced the MatchBook programme (US only at the moment) where you can buy a Kindle copy of a book you bought in hard copy on Amazon for a reduced price.  Authors have to opt in to this, but I expect most books will eventually be part of it.  The Dr Pepper Prophecies and After Wimbledon are both part of it.

Gain Access Anywhere, Anytime
Carrying all your books on your Kindle means you can read whatever takes your fancy straight away.  And when you want to buy a new book, it will be delivered to your Kindle in seconds, so long as you have an internet connection (there’s built-in WiFi).  No waiting for delivery.

Amazon also saves your purchases online and provides free apps so you can read any of your purchases on your phone, tablet or PC anytime.  The system will even remember where you’d got to in the book!

Customise Your Screen
Kindles allow you to change the text size, font, letter spacing etc. so you can read the book the way that’s easiest for you.  No hunting down ‘large print’ copies.

Read Books Available Exclusively on Kindle
Amazon offers certain valuable advantages to authors who publish an e-book only on their site and most self-published authors just can’t afford to turn them down (my own The Dr Pepper Prophecies and After Wimbledon come under this).  Some of these books will eventually become available in other e-book formats, but many won’t.  Not all authors produce a print version of their work, either.  So the Kindle allows you to read material you won’t get anywhere else.

The Kindle First programme, which has just been launched (US only again), also allows early access to certain new books, chosen by their editors.

At the time of writing, the basic Kindle can be had on for $69 and on for £69 (which seems very unfair, given the exchange rate).  Of course, ebay should be flooded with them after Christmas when all the people who’ve upgraded flog their old ones…

So consider a Kindle this Christmas for the book lover in your life.  And then buy my books to put on it. 😉


3 responses to “5 Reasons Why You Should Give a Kindle This Christmas

  1. Replicator says:

    Reblogged this on Kindle Fire HDX.

  2. Replicator says:

    I completely agree I used to buy a lot of paper back books but they were starting to clog-up my home, car, office etc. so I switched to Kindle and downloaded the app for my PC but this only created another problem, as I couldn’t take it with me to work and so on. I thought about a laptop but they are a little bulky, the batteries don’t last to long and there’s the security issue also.

    I then considered a notebook but they kind of flimsy and in general don’t last to long and with my stumps for fingers I’d be hitting three keys at the one time. So I finally opted for the the new Kindle fire HDX 7″ and I’m loving it so much I decided to tell the world and her friends all about it.

  3. I only have the basic model so far, but I’ve read so much more since I got it. Still have paperbacks for reading in the bath, though!

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