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My Favourite Quotes From ‘The Dr Pepper Prophecies’

on October 24, 2013

Just a few of the bits I like the best.


So much for not fantasising.  I’ve got a particularly vivid image in my head involving his naked body, a tube of super-glue and a flesh-eating squirrel.


It’s hard to love a man who eats the last piece of lasagne.


A thought occurs to me. ‘I don’t suppose your mother went in for safe sex lectures, did she?’ I ask.

I remember my mother trying to explain it to me.  The memory continues to surface no matter how hard I try to suppress it.  She began by explaining that babies start as seeds and every woman had a special place inside her to plant them in – sort of like a grow bag.  It went down hill from there.


One time when I was at university, I agreed to go on a blind double date.  It was with my housemate’s boyfriend’s cousin’s friend’s brother, who had – and I quote – “a really nice personality”.  You’d assume that meant he was ugly.  You’d be right.  He also collected tarantulas and belonged to Bug Lovers Anonymous.

Never again.


I’m dreaming.  Or, at least, I’m fairly sure I am.  The dancing gnomes I saw not long ago seem to suggest it.


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