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Please Vote on the Title of My New Novel!

on September 12, 2013

Those of you who read my blog on WordPress will have seen my ‘Current Project’ widget.  My second novel will be out Nov/Dec this year and I’m trying to decide on the title.

Draft Blurb:

After 12 years on the WTA professional tennis tour and four years with her sort-of boyfriend, Lucy Bennett has had enough.  She wants real life…and real love.  Little does she suspect that her plans will send a shock wave through her relationships – and some may never recover.

Such a big change doesn’t come easy for Lucy either, especially with pressure on all sides to keep going.  And there’s the small matter of the Wimbledon Championships to play – the tournament she’s dreamed of winning her whole life.

As if she didn’t have enough to think about, fate seems to be pushing her into the arms of fellow player Sam Pennington.  But he’s her boyfriend’s hated arch-rival and the changeover won’t be easy…


I’ve got several possibilities below for you to vote on (and please feel free to post comments on this and the blurb as well).  I’m trying to avoid anything that has already been used for a novel, hence why some obvious choices are missing.  If you have any other suggestions, please add them to the comments as well.

Thank you!


2 responses to “Please Vote on the Title of My New Novel!

  1. Mark Gardner says:

    I vote for “After Wimbledon” it’s the perfect title for this story.

  2. […] most of her suggestions. She is having a vote on her site deciding the title of her next book. Go there and vote! I’ve read the untitled book and really liked it. I also read her other book, The Dr. Pepper […]

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